Victims Services

WaterFire 2010 HKM 2Comprehensive, Holistic Care

Victim Services offers individuals who have been affected by traumatic or violent acts services that include, Case Management, Support, Advocacy, Treatment Referrals, and Restorative Justice. These services were designed in collaboration with victims to target issues that arise immediately and long after a crime or traumatic event has occurred.

Living Victim Support

Free, confidential support services, case management, and advocacy to victims of violent crime treated at area hospitals. Support includes, but is not limited to, Victims Compensation application assistance, healthcare advocacy, legal/law enforcement advocacy and basic case management services. Services can be home, office, or hospital based. Services provided are case specific and vary depending on need.

Homicide Survivor Support

Free, confidential support services, case management and advocacy to residents of Rhode Island, nearby Connecticut and Massachusetts who have experienced the loss a family member or friend through violence, including vehicular homicide. Individual home or office based services are available to all clients and are not time limited. Monthly Support Sessions are also offered free of charge. Support services were designed by survivors of homicide victims and address issues they believe to are critical in the aftermath of such a traumatic event.