Streetworker Program

teambNonviolence Streetworker Outreach

Our Streetworker Outreach Team build relationships, gather information and mediate conflicts to prevent violence. They respond 24:7 to every shooting and stabbing brought to Rhode Island Hospital. Our team works with the families affected by the violence, to understand the community dynamics that cause violence, and to prevent retaliations.

We have 8 Streetworkers to cover the core cities: Providence, Pawtucket, and Central Falls. In partnership with the Providence School Department, we have two Streetworkers dedicated to middle schools to work with at-risk youth. We have two Streetworkers dedicated to Pawtucket, and the remaining team works together to cover Providence and Central Falls.

You Can Find Our Streetworkers At:

  • School dismissals
  • After school youth programs
  • Community events
  • Midnight Basketball League
  • In “hot spots” where violence is known to occur

The Streetworkers, many of whom are former offenders, provide one-to-one advocacy and mentoring, and are a positive presence in the streets and in the lives of high-risk youth. In 2016, our Streetworker Outreach Team responded to Rhode Island Hospital and Hasbro Children’s Hospital 70 times for shooting and stabbing victims, and outreached to 116 victims of violence. They work closely with the Providence Police Department and other community partners to mediate conflicts.

For more information, please contact Juan Carter, Director of the Nonviolence Streetworker Outreach Program at .