Employment Services


Our 2016-2017 Let’s Make This Work class practices the “Crossing the River” exercise as part of their Nonviolence Training.

Education & Employment

ISPN is committed to providing our clients with nonviolence training, soft-skill building, character development, resume and job application assistance, mentoring, internship and job opportunities. The ultimate goal is to find them meaningful, long-term employment, or help them pursue education. We developed an Employer’s Consortium of local stakeholders who believe in our mission and work with us to build mentoring and employment opportunities to our at-risk youth.

Let’s Make This Work

Our Employment Services goals are:
  • Work with at-risk youth who have been perpetrators or victims of violent crime.
  • Engage them in nonviolence as a lifestyle.
  • Offer training in job and life skills.
  • Create strong mentor/mentee relationships.
  • Provide support through case management.
  • Help them to become successfully employed and/or pursue education.
It is proven that a person’s risk factors (re-offense, re-victimization) significantly decrease if given access to a job.
In collaboration with the Rhode Island Mentoring Partnership, our Let’s Make This Work program is a 10-month intensive job readiness program for youth in our community who are most at-risk for committing or being a victim of violence.  We also work closely with our job-site partners to ensure they are given the tools and resources needed to be successful at mentoring one of our clients.

Goals of Let’s Make This Work:

  • Build basic soft skills.
  • Build concrete job skills to successfully gain employment.
  • Provide on-going Nonviolence Training.
  • Support the complicated and difficult transition from a violent to a nonviolent lifestyle through Case Management.
  • Provide strong mentorship at job-sites.
  • Match participants to an appropriate job or internship opportunity.

 Measurements of Success

Our base measurement of success is that our participants are not a victim or perpetrator of violent crime.  To achieve that outcome we monitor attendance, match them with positive adult mentors, help them set and achieve personal goals and gain and retain employment.