Americorps 2017-2019

 ISPN’s 2017-2019 AmeriCorps program focuses 20 Americorps members in school based nonviolence programs which work with students to develop attitudes, skills, and behaviors to further a movement to achieve lasting reductions in violence that occurs in our communities. ISPN AmeriCorps members are implementing nonviolence education curriculum for at least 1,000 economically disadvantaged students in ten schools over the course of the year. Teams of two AmeriCorps members  provide nonviolence education for five classrooms of 20 students, for a total of 100 students trained in each participating school. The members teach one or two classes of students each day for four days a week. When not teaching, members work to mediate conflicts between students who are having problems with each other. They help students who have been assigned to in-school suspension to develop strategies to navigate problems at school in more effective ways. 


AmeriCorps – 2012-2014








In 2012-2014, the Institute’s 16 person AmeriCorps team members addressed the unique needs of gang-involved youth. The team provided nonviolence training in schools, empowering local residents to organize violence prevention events, and provideing positive skill-building opportunities for youth. The team worked in three elementary schools in Providence and in urban libraries. With the leadership of one of our AmeriCorps members, a GED class was launched at the Institute, helping us to realize a big dream of being able to offer our clients this service in a nonviolence atmosphere.