Reentry Services

Reentry Services

ISPN Reentry is focused on individuals ages 18-24 incarcerated for violent street crime offenses that may or may not be linked to gang involvement. Our Specialized Discharge Planner meets individually with pre-selected inmates 90 days prior to their release from prison. The focus is preparing our young people for life upon release, helping them find stable employment and housing, and introducing nonviolence theory.

Services available to our Reentry Clients are:

  • Job training
  • Skill building
  • GED programming
  • Free Barber Shop
  • Free Weight room
  • Continuing Nonviolence Education

We work with the Providence Reentry Council to enhance services provided to reentry clients throughout Rhode Island. We are committed to the  positive reentry of individuals with the goal of preventing recidivism and reducing the number of individuals victimized by violent crime.