We’re Hiring: Pawtucket Streetworker Position

Pawtucket Nonviolence Streetworker (NVI-SW)
Timeframe to apply: Open until Filled

The Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence (ISPN) seeks to teach by word and example the principles and practices of nonviolence, and to foster a community that addresses potentially violent situations with nonviolent solutions. ISPN has helped to significantly lower violent crimes in the City of Providence, particularly youth violence. ISPN operates Statewide, with a few programs that operate solely within specific areas. In 2009, the Institute was selected as Outstanding Philanthropic Organization by the RI Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Today ISPN seeks a passionate, empathic, creative and relentless Nonviolence Streetworker to work as a team member at ISPN, a nationally recognized best practice organization in reducing violence, particular street-level violence. ISPN’s client base are individuals that are most likely to be shot, shoot, commit a violent crime or has been victim of violent crime.

The Nonviolence Streetworker (NVI-SW) will be a member of team that reports directly to the Director and Assistant Director of Nonviolence Streetworkers. Nonviolence Streetworkers utilize their understanding and familiarity with street dynamics of youth crews and gangs, in ways that help gather information, understand a conflict’s dynamics, control rumors, reduce retaliation, prevent conflict from erupting, communicate nonviolent messages to active crew members, and when possible connect them to positive skill based and mentoring outlets.

The NVI-SW Team is expected to work a minimum of 40 hours and operates an on-call schedule and adhere to strict protocols and policies. Long nights and weekends are not uncommon, as violence routinely occurs outside of “normal”business hours. NVI-SWs need to have the skills to operate in many different settings and be able to build trusting relationships with individuals that are prone to violence.

All ISPN staff members are trained in MLK’s Nonviolence Theory and ISPN’s logic model. It is the expectation that all ISPN staff members constantly are studying and practicing living a nonviolent lifestyle. This position offers the right individual an opportunity to impact the future of a vibrant and critical community organization.

Responsibilities of this position include:

*Be a productive member of ISPN’s staff
*Maintain a nonviolent lifestyle by embracing the philosophy
*Available to be On call 24/7 for violence related incidents – Scheduled in advanced
*Conduct daily outreach to proven- risk individuals in various locations to specific groups or assigned clients
*Broker services for clients through coordination and referrals within ISPN and other agencies
*Provide support, overall problem-solving assistance and advocacy on behalf of ISPN clients
*Maintain a small client case load – based on ISPN Risk Assessment
*Keep updated client information in ISPN Database
*Submit weekly paperwork/reports while maintaining intake, assessment, and referral system
*Develop individual service plan to meet client needs
*Maintain high quality communication with management of NVI-SWs and ISPN

*High School Diploma or GED required (Case Management or some college preferred)
*Submit to a full intense background check
*A valid driver’s license, have daily access to a registered and insured vehicle – required
*Experience working with “Proven/High risk” individuals
*Ability to work on a diverse team
*Conflict Resolution skills required
*Submit to an extensive background check, involving a community and law enforcement check
*Willingness to work on the street and in other unstructured situations
*Comfortability with computer programs such as WORD, EXCEL, OUTLOOK, GMAIL, and Communication
skills, both written and verbal

Qualified applicant are requested to send a cover letter and resume to Juan Carter, Director of the Streetworker Department, via email at juan@nonviolenceinstitute.org or mailed to 265 Oxford St. Providence, RI 02905 attention

The Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence is an equal opportunity employer.